Yes, I'm back!

Hello and welcome to On the Edge Drum Services. My name is Bob Rodriguez and I live and gig in beautiful So. Cal. I use to offer many services but these days I'm just way too busy to do paint work and high gloss finishes. I now specialize in the easy stuff…wrapping, edges, repairs and a few other goodies.

Here is how I work, I am not a store and I do not keep parts in stock. What I offer are my services. I can steer you in the right direction as to where to buy exactly what you are looking for. I have connections with some of the best builders and/or suppliers in the industry and can help you find almost any type of hoop, lug, exotic shells, or whatever you're looking for. Once we find exactly what you want, you purchase it and then have it shipped to me. I can usually get regular ply shells for you pretty easy since my supplier isn't too far away from me and I can get them on "will call." The best thing is to call or email me and we can set a plan of action.

Bottom line is that I love drums and love to help people with their drums! Contact me and we can go from there. If I can't do it I'll do my best to point you in the right direction. Or even if you just want to chat about drums, I just love talking about them!!!

Looking forward to hearing from you...Bob


For drums that need the wrap removed, I need to see it before I can give you a price. It usually runs the same price as it would to wrap it. The same goes for repairs and restoration…I need to see what it is exactly that you want done before I can give you a price.



Click here to e-mail me or call at (909) 917-5823